What listeners of Meditation Getaways say:

"I've practiced Zen for years, but your meditations seem to feed another realm inside myself; a part of myself, which I had forgotten for quite some time, seems to open. And it feels good!"
-Eric, Netherlands

"I attend a nursing class and was so afraid to fail during our upcoming presentation of our work. I listened to your programs, visualized myself in the act of presentating.. and the most wonderful thing happened inside me which made me relax and believe in myself."
-Sarah, Denmark

"It has been a very trying year so far, very stressful, but your guided meditations have relaxed and helped me to a better frame of mind.  Thank you."
-Nickie, UK

"I am having some anxious and negative thoughts interfere with my daily life...Your meditations really help to release the stress and negative thoughts."

"I went there, I saw it and felt it. I came home refreshed. A mini-vacation."

"Soothing, even voice. Fantastic imagery. Relaxing and imaginative."

"Wholly effective. What a difference it is to be guided through meditation by a licensed hypnotist"

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Meditation Getaways
Meditation Getaways: The Complete Collection

Based on the popular podcast, the Meditation Getaways series of guided meditations is designed to exercise the creative and spiritual mind through the use of imagination. In each meditation, we take a virtual trip to a remote location and imagine using all of our senses to create the complete experience in our own minds. We develop our abstract thinking and learn how to create our own inner healing while relaxing deeply. Features Moodstreams nature recordings as background sounds.

This complete collection contains 8 meditations which are described below and are also available individually.

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Expanding the Awareness:

Allow yourself to be guided on a virtual experience in the wilderness of the Northeastern U.S. We start on the banks of a stream that runs between a forest and a meadow, and we exercise our mental and spiritual "muscles" to exchange energy with the Earth. We then practice utilizing and expanding our Sphere of Consciousness to become more aware of the details in our surroundings than we ever thought possible. It is a relaxing, immersive, enlightening experience.
This meditation features the Moodstreams nature soundtrack "Water Flows Beneath Us" as background sound.
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Length: 20:12

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The Ancient Ocean:

We take a trip hundreds of millions of years back in time to a prehistoric beach, and experience the young earth's healing energy. We exercise all of our senses in our imagination to vividly create the scene. Use this meditation to relax, heal, and develop your imagination and spirituality.
This guided meditation uses the Moodstreams nature soundtrack "Pacific Tidepool" as background sound.
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Length: 14:00

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Climbing the Mountain:

We journey into the less-visited parts of our subconscious mind. There, we find a solitary mountain rising up from a plain that stretches to infinity in all directions. Water trickles down the mountain in tiny streams, creating a mesmerizing sound that draws us even deeper, into the very core of our subconscious awareness. As we climb the mountain, we experience healing and renewal.
This guided meditation features the Moodstreams nature soundtrack "Murmuring Creek" as background sound.
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Length: 16:00

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Rejuvenating Rain:

We take a walk on a rainy day, from an open hillside down to a dense forest of majestic trees. The rain cleanses us of all stress and anxiety, and fills us with positivity. The rain becomes stronger as the meditation progresses, but just before it gets too strong, we escape into the sanctuary of the forest, shielded from the elements by the dense canopy. The storm eventually clears, and the sun pokes through the spaces in the canopy, treating us to a spectacular light show.
This guided meditation features two Moodstreams nature soundtracks as background sounds: "Spring Rainstorm" and "Dawn Birds of May".
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Length: 15:35

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Summer Twilight:

Our subconscious mind takes us on a trip to a grassy meadow on a Summer afternoon, with crickets chirping and other insects buzzing about. In the gentle breeze, the tall grass sways back and forth rhythmically like waves on an ocean. As afternoon turns to twilight, and then to evening, the sights and sounds change, and we arrive at a pond surrounded by a glade of trees. In the dark, we are greeted by firefly-like particles of light that behave with incredible purpose and intelligence beyond our own, and they bestow upon us the incredible gift of healing.
This guided meditation features two Moodstreams nature soundtracks as background sounds: "Summer Meadow" and "Evening by the Pond".
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Length: 18:29

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Island Adventure:

We start by relaxing on a tropical beach created entirely in the imagination, paying attention to the various sights, sounds, and textures around us. We spot a giant piece of driftwood from an ancient tree further down the beach, and we walk over to investigate. We climb on the driftwood log to sit a while, but then the tide comes in and soon the log begins to drift away. Our sense of adventure kicks in, as we decide to hang on for the ride! The driftwood log becomes our raft, as it takes us out to sea and to an offshore island. Not a meditation for those who get seasick!
This guided meditation features the Moodstreams nature soundtrack "SoCal Beach" as background sound.
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Length: 18:41

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Your Secret Garden:

This meditation is not about taking a mental vacation so much as it's about creating sanctuary and personal space. We create a secret garden or backyard in our subconscious mind that we can visit at any time to experience tranquility and peace. Everyone at some point in their lives has imagined a place that they would love to call home. For you, this could be a place you fondly remember from your own life, or it could be a place you've wished for in your own mind. It could be a real place, or a complete fantasy, or a combination of the two. We start by creating our imagined home in great detail on the outside. Then we walk through the house and construct the interior details as we go. Eventually we emerge in the backyard, a place of fantastic beauty and incredible tranquility. In this place, we exist as our ideal selves, and we form an image of ourselves that we can take with us back to waking reality.
This guided meditation features the Moodstreams nature soundtrack "Songbirds Behind the Farm".
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Length: 19:11

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Down the River:

In this meditation, we imagine taking a canoe trip down a river in the cool, crisp, and pristine Northern wilderness. Our boat starts at the foot of a majestic waterfall, and floats downstream, wandering through a system of connected ponds and lakes, finally emerging in a sheltered bay. As we journey down, we go deeper into our own minds, creating unprecedented levels of detail and achieving profound relaxation. We create images of wildlife and incredible landscapes, and find peace and healing in the uncorrupted wilderness.
This guided meditation features segments from the "Alaska Rivers" album of nature sounds from Moodstreams.
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Length: 18:42

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