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Weight Management with Hypnosis
A Thinner, Healthier You with Hypnosis

A complete hypnosis session to help you lose weight by eliminating unhealthy eating habits. Brainwave entrainment guides you into a receptive state, while a hypnotist's voice delivers beneficial suggestions for positive imagery, motivation, and re-defining the way you eat and the way you think about food. Listen to this soundtrack in a quiet, comfortable place at least once a day for the first 21 days, and then as often as you like after that. Listen with headphones for maximum effectiveness. This session can be used with AudioStrobe-compatible light-and-sound devices for added optical stimulation.
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Do not use brainwave entrainment while driving or operating machinery. Brainwave entrainment should not be used by pregnant women or by people who are prone to seizures.

Approximately half an hour long.

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